Core stability, core strength and a total mind and body workout.

That’s what Pilates is all about, but what does it actually mean?

Much more than being some fitness jargon or a bit of hippy nonsense, the concept of Pilates is a powerful, innovative approach to health, which delivers real results to those who commit. Working without the need for complicated gym membership, in a peaceful environment where you have a chance to really connect with your body can lead to some truly beautiful things happening, outside and in.

What is Pilates?

Named after Joseph Pilates who founded this form of exercise, Pilates focusses on establishing core body strength and putting you in control of your body. Pilates builds balance, stability and a feeling of inner power. It builds strength without adding bulky muscles, builds resilience in the back and spinal area, and conditions every part of the body right down to the feet and toes.

pilates classes west hampstead london

Why choose Pilates classes?

Pilates classes are great for those who have limited time to devote to exercise, but still want to see real results. Classes are designed to fit in with your busy schedule, and will fast become a haven of peace and renewal in your busy schedule. The encouragement and support of the group will keep you focused and motivated to keep coming back, and the results you achieve will feel doubly satisfying when shared with the group.

Pilates Classes from £10 per session

Every Monday & Wednesday at 10.30 am in West Hampstead, London

Pilates is for everyone

Pilates is a perfect form of exercise, no matter what your age or level of fitness.  It is particularly good for people who have suffered with a bad back in the past, as well as those who are undergoing physical therapy for neck, hip or knee issues. The low impact nature and core power focus means Pilates is a perfect form of exercise, no matter what your age or level of fitness.

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